Risk assessment - In the past I have carried work using probabilistic models to estimate risk of illness for a target population. This led to one publication estimating the risk of illness by wastewater sludge for agricultural practices in Uganda and another one on risk by vibrio cholera for Thai aquaculture workers.

  • Butte, G., C. Niwagaba, and A. Nordin. Assessing the Microbial Risk of Faecal Sludge Use in Ugandan Agriculture by Comparing Field and Theoretical Model Output

  • Acharya, Kishor, Giacomo Butte, and David Werner. ‘Environmental DNA Sequencing for Sustainable Aquaculture and Other Technologies for Water Quality Management’. Conference at Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center, 3-6 July 2023, 2023.

Cost-benefit analysis - at ICIMOD, using similar stochastic model i estimated the cost and benefits of spring water revival in mid-hill regions in Nepal[^3].

  • Butte, Giacomo, Karishma Khadka, and Sanjeev Buchar. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Mountain Spring Water Revival: A Case from Nepal. (To Be Submitted), 2024

Water Security While at Newcastle University I proposed a framework for data gathering for Water Security. I was also involved in different research done by colleagues in Ethiopia and in Nepal.

  • Butte, Giacomo, et al. A Framework for Water Security Data Gathering Strategies . Water 14, no. 18 (January 2022)

  • Hiruy et al.,Spatiotemporal Variation in Urban Wastewater Pollution Impacts on River Microbiomes and Associated Hazards in the Akaki Catchment, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia . Science of The Total Environment 826 (20 June 2022)

  • Pantha et al.,Faecal Pollution Source Tracking in the Holy Bagmati River by Portable 16S rRNA Gene Sequencing . Npj Clean Water 4, no. 1 (18 February 2021): 1–10.

Visualisation and knowledge products

Kandisky described the role of avantguarde as the point of a triangle that pushes ahead society as a whole. Today, between that avantgarde point and society there is a wider and wider gap. Within this gap there are opportunities for linking and explaining concepts and ideas using knowledge products.

  • A 10 min explanation of quantitative microbial risk estimate

  • Dashboard on violent events in Sudan


  • Engineering report / coursework
    Preliminary design for a 22 storey tower

  • Engineering report / coursework
    Financial appraisal for the construction of a temporary bridge .

  • Policy analysis / coursework
    Analysis of migration patters in the italian Alps ,

  • Policy analysis / coursework
    What COVID recovery policies for Ladakh? A preliminary screening.

  • Policy analysis / coursework
    Report on basic characterisation of Ladakh

Architectural design

While working in architectural firms I was part of teams quite diverse projects ranging from designing public space to factories to low cost housing to furniture.

  • PDF portfolio of selected works