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Project management in emergency and development context: with several years of experience in different contexts1 and type of organisation I am able to support a project by managing teams, monitoring of activities, budget and reporting.

1 Countries: Japan, China, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Malawi, Sudan, Liberia, Uganda, Bangladesh, UK, Italy.

2 Toolkit: CAD/BIM software for construction, GIS (QGIS,GEE), EPANET, HEC-RAS, SWMM, R,mathcad, python, Adobe package,tableau.

Planning, analysis and evaluation: I often worked at the initial stage of a project by completing feasibility studies, design and risk evaluation. Publishing research articles gave me a robust methodology for gathering and communicating information to decision makers2.

Project implementation: at field level I have managed team to complete several projects in construction, water supply and waste water. I am used to collaborate with different stakeholders.

Capacity building: I have designed and delivered several training both in academia as well as during project to construction teams 3. I have developed skills to gather, synthetise and communicate knowledge.

3 University courses include design studio at institutions from Australia, Cambodia, Italy such as Street Life Studies. Within projects, capcity building took the form of training for construction workers on disaster proof techniques.


2000-2010: studied architecture and design in Europe, worked in design studios in Italy, Japan and China. Projects included private homes, public spaces, commercial spaces.

2010-2015: worked as external consultant in Cambodia and Nepal with roles as architect, contractor and project manager. Clients were private individuals, firms as well as INGO and donors.

2015-2018: involved as project manager in the earthquake reconstruction effort in Nepal. The project aimed at rebuilding 2 schools, a health post and giving technical support to the household reconstruction in the village.

2018-now: I have started to work in WASH and environmental engineering. In 2019 I obtained a MSc in Environmental Engineering, then I worked at Newcastle university til 2021. Since 2021 I have been involved in humanitarian and emergency response with ICR and then MSF.

For detailed experience description see this .