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I worked as architect, designer and planner in wide range of projects. Between 2006 and 2011 I worked in design and architecture studios in Italy, Japan and China. I had the opportunity of designing across different dimension scales, from products to public spaces. From 2011 to 2018 I supported NGOs and communities in creating housing and urban upgrading plans. In Cambodia I was involved in the design of low-cost housing settlements. In Nepal post earthquake emergency response for shelter and housing reconstruction.

/ / / / / Relevant work experience in development:

Reconstruction manager, Kam For Sud, Nepal 12.2016 - 07.2018
Site supervisor, Abari, Nepal 06.2015
Architectural Consultant (PT), AE Engineering, Cambodia 10.2013 - 04.2016
Contractor for AusAID, Cambodia 03.2013- 08.2014
Architectural Consultant for People In Need 06.2013- 01.2014
Architectural architect for Habitat for Humanity, 05.2013-11.2013
Urban Planning Consultant for Sahmakun Teang Tnaut, Cambodia 2010-2011

/ / / / / Relevant work experience in commercial design:

Freelance architectural consultant, 2014-2018
Co-director of Studio Publico, 2010-2014
Project architect at Archea Associati, Beijing 01.2010 - 08.2010
Project architect at crossboundaries architects, Beijing 09.2008-01.2010
Designer at Studio Han Design, Tokyo 01.2007-07.2008
Assistant designer at Kazuyo Komoda Design, Milan (PT) 07.2005-09.2006