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Environment and engineering

Given a growing interest in environmental issues, in 2019 I completed a MSc in Environmental Engineering followed by additional courses in mountain development and civil engineering. Since then I had the opportunity of working on academic research project as well as practical project on environmental monitoring.

/ / / / / Research and reports

Peer reviewed article / I have published my first one about on risk assessment on the reuse of wastewater sludge

Article in progress / a risk assessment for Aquaculture workers in Thailand and on a policy briefing for the use of wastewater biosolids as fertilisers.

Article in progress / currently I am working on proposing a logical framework for data gathering for Water Security with the team at Newcastle University

Coursework in mountain development studies / A short profile on Ladakh with an overview of key information on natural and socio-economic characteristics. a short essay on migration towards Alpine regions.

Coursework in environmental engineering / Detailed design for a WWTP using activated sludge and nutrient removal. A study to verify the possibility of water abstraction for industrial purpose on a given borehole. A report on results from ground water analysis in Newcastle.

Coursework in civil engineering/ a financial appraisal for possible solutions for the closure of Hammersmith bridge in London. A preliminary structural design for a highrise following EUROCODE

/ / / / / Work Experience

Water and Habitat delegate, ICRC, Sudan, 04.2021-11.2021
Assistant Researcher at Newcastle University, 09.2018-03.2021
Assistant Researcher within the SPANS Project (PT), 06.2018-05.2019
Volunteer at Tyne River Trust in water quality monitoring, 2019

/ / / / / Education and Training

MSc Environmental Engineering, Newcastle University 2018-2019
PGCert Sustainble Mountain Development, UHI Perth, 2019-2021
PGCert Civil Engineering, Surrey University, 2019-2022 (in progress)

Short course on Solar Powered Water Systems, U. of Valencia, 2021
Short course on Microbial assessment using Sanipath CSE India with Emory University, 2020
Short course on Solar Energy CAT Centre for Alternative Energy, 2019
Certificate on CSEB technology Auroville Earth Institute 2018
Rammed earth design and construction Hunnarshala, India. 2013