Teaching, capacity building and research


I have worked in academia as tutor and as researcher in the fields of architecture, public space design. In the past few years I have been involved in creating a serie of workshops and course titled Street Life Studies. Their focus is on the use of public street spaces in cities around the world. Students observe place; as people, behaviors, systems, and spaces in both their formal and informal expressions.

UNSW University of New South Wales, Sydney
Course tutor for the course Street Life Studies 2020, 2018, 2017, 2015
Course convenor for the course Street Life Studies 2016

Politecnico of Milan
Tutor in the Master of Urban Interior 2014
Tutor in Design Studio 3, interior architecture dept., 2006
Guest Lecturer in the Master of Public Space Design 2020, 2021

Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu
Organiser of Street Life Studies workshop 2017

Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
Tutor at Small TalksĀ workshop, 2014

Norton University, Phnom Penh
Course tutor in Architecture Design Studio 3 2010/2011
Course tutor in Architecture Design Studio 5 WS 2010 and SS 2011

Limkokwing University, Phnom Penh
Course tutor in Interior Design Studio 1 2010/2011
Course tutor in Interior Design Studio 3 WS 2010 and SS 2011

Architecture University of Yadz
Course tutor in the workshop: Culture of living, Iran 2006

University of Yogjakarta
Course tutor in the workshop Culture of living, Indonesia 2006

Capacity building

Capacity building for construction workers is often a component of the project I have been involved in. I have organized and run courses on different topics related to construction and disaster preparedness. The key challenge in this type of activities is to find ways to communicate practical and theoretical knowledge to a wide and diverse audience. It is also essential to commmunicate the reasons behind guidelines and regulations so that workers do not only adopt them but understand their rationale.


I have worked as research assistant while at Newcastle University (09.2019 - 03.2021) in a research project focusing on water security. Following a list of publications

Peer reviewed article - G.Butte, Y. T. Solano-Correa, M. Valasia Peppa, D. Ruiz-Ordonez, R. Maysels, N. Tuqan, X. Polaine, C. Montoya Pachongo, C. Walsh, T.C. Curtis, Data gathering for Water Security: a Proposed Framework. (pre-print).

Conference paper - K.Acharya, G.Butte, D.Werner, Assessing the microbial risk for aquaculture workers in Thailand. (in preparation)

Peer reviewed article - Andualem Mekonnen Hiruy, Jemila Mohammed, Mihret Mersha Haileselassie, Kishor Acharya, Giacomo Butte, Alemseged Tamiru Haile, Claire Walsh, David Werner, Spatiotemporal variaton in urban wastewater pollution impacts on river microbiomes and associated hazards in the Akaki catchment, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Science of The Total Environment, Volume 826, 2022.

Peer reviewed article - G. Butte, C. Niwagaba, A. Nordin, Assessing the microbial risk of faecal sludge use in Ugandan agriculture by comparing field and theoretical model output, Water Research,Volume 197,2021.

Peer reviewed article - Pantha, K., Acharya, K., Mohapatra, S. S.Khanal, N.Amatya, C.Ospina-Betancourth, G.Butte, S.Dhun Shrestha, P.Rajbhandari, D Werner Faecal polluton source tracking in the holy Bagmat River by portable 16S rRNA gene sequencing npj Clean Water 4, 12 (2021).

Web dashboard - An interactve dashboard mapping violent events in Sudan,2021, developed using R and Shiny, Link

Educational webpage - A 10 minute introducton to Quanttatve Microbial Risk Assessment, 2021, developed using Idyll, Link

Policy Briefing - G. Butte, C. Niwagaba, A. Nordin, Fecal sludge as agricultural fertliser, what are the risks for consumers?